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Tessel is a Privacy screen which can be snapped on to any tabletop to create personal space for enhanced concentration and privacy within and otherwise collaborative office setting.

Sleek & trendy in design, it is an intuitively designed product for privacy between two users. This workstation accessory makes the environment look light and pleasing with its sleek design and cheerful colours.

Key Features

  • The material used has an acoustic property with 0.7 NRC rating
  • Lightweight screen that doubles up as a pin-up surface
  • Multiple options for colour choices make the office environment lively & refreshing to the employees
  • Materials Used: Green product – made from recycled PET
  • Option of mounting screen on fixed Sleek X bench brackets or on movable chrome brackets makes it agile


Acoustic property of PET board material reduces surrounding noises and helps in concentration. Correct use of material properties of the snap on brackets ensures the tight enough grip to the table top and easy enough to remove the screen when required. The PET acoustic board material used for the screen can be used to pin-up notes & photos. Multiple options of colour choices makes the office environment lively & refreshing to the employees.

Materials Used

Tessel Screen is offered in PET (Acoustic) material 9mm thk panel fitted with chrome or XBench bracket

Screen Size

1050 mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 15mm (T)

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